6 ways to increase the value of your property

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There are a number of ways that you can improve the look and feel of your home while simultaneously adding hundreds or, even thousands, of pounds to your asking price when it comes to selling.

Asking neighbours and friends about the changes they have made to their houses is a good way to find out what kind of improvements you could potentially make to your home.

Increasingly the value of your property doesn’t necessarily need to involve a huge financial outlay and any money invested to maximise your use of space or increase the size of your home could be recouped by the value of your property soaring.

Extend your home

Adding an extension to your home can provide a larger kitchen and potentially additional bedrooms, if you are creating a 2-storey extension. If someone in your street has already completed an extension, this may have set a precedent and planning permission could subsequently be easier to obtain as a result. Loft extensions are also the perfect way to add additional space to your home.

Get planning permission

If you can’t afford to carry out an extension at the current time, then putting planning permission in place will give buyers an idea of just how spacious your property could be.  When you manage to get them, you can also show the plans to potential buyers when they come round.

Add a Conservatory

Conservatories can provide a perfect additional living space to your home and if heating is fitted, can provide a space that can be used by the family all year round. Families with young children may also appreciate having the extra space to use as a play-room for little ones.

Conservatory by Everest Home Improvements

Spruce up your garden

The quality of your outside space could be the deciding factor for some homeowners’ purchases. Spending a little money to clear away weeds, put down fresh turf and potentially lay a patio area could all serve to increase the value of your property. Designating an area for children and for adults will also help potential buyers to see how they would use the space.

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Change your property on the inside

Adding double-glazing to your property could also make it a more attractive prospect to buyers, as this may reduce heating bills. If you have any stud walls in your property, knocking them down to create a larger space may also add value.

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