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8 of the Best Twitter Accounts for Home and Cooking Advice

Whether it’s seeking inspiration for creating a stylish home you’re after or just a few recipe ideas, Twitter is sure to have the answer. Here, we take a look at our favourite British Twitter accounts that can help make life at home a lot easier.



This Twitter account weeds through all of the Guardian’s Life and Style content for you. With a brief summary of each piece, you can find the best content on the Guardian’s stellar website without getting lost for hours at a time.


Not only will you receive updates and reminders regarding the television show’s schedule but this Twitter feed is also well known for linking to fantastic recipes which are as delicious as they are easy to follow.


You probably won’t be surprised to see this touchstone dropped in here – the Good Housekeeping Magazine’s own twitter account. The feed allows you to find great articles on their own site, without having to trawl through mountains of content.


Whether you’re keen to read what people thought of the show or are in search of some information on how to bake the splendid goodies they’ve showcased, you’ll be glad to hear that the Great British Bake Off has its own Twitter account.


For an insight into the eating habits of English food writer Nigella Lawson, familiarise yourself with her Twitter account. Followers can check out what she’s eating throughout the day and, if you’re lucky, pick up the recipe.


Whether you’re looking for some food based events to catch while in London or you’re simply after some great recipes, the slow food feed is well worth looking up. This Twitter account also posts links to a wide variety of fascinating articles about current trends in the culinary world.


Jamie’s Twitter account offers the occasional recipe but focuses more on his day to day life. If you drop in once in a while for a chuckle you might be lucky enough to find a quick recipe, otherwise you’ll find some information on when next to catch him on telly.


Delia’s Twitter feed is one of the neatest and most straightforward out there. Rather than linking to innumerable websites, Delia simply posts her chosen recipe of the day. Perfect!

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Top 10 Tastiest Recipe Websites (And Our Favourite Recipe from Each)

Modern technology is a wonderful thing and the advent of the internet means that we now have access to a greater wealth of knowledge than ever before. From household cleaning tips to new food recipes, the options are endless. Here is our top selection of recipe websites and the favourite dishes they’ve inspired us to create.


Maison Cupcake: Chicken and Leek Pie

What better meal for cold weather than pie? Light, delicious pastry crammed with steaming hot meat and vegetables is the perfect tummy-filler and this post from Maison Cupcake gives you access to a great recipe for these mini delights.

Cook Bake Nibble: Apple Crumble

We love a delicious apple crumble come autumn, but what can you do if you’re intolerant to gluten? Thankfully, this great recipe from Cook Bake Nibble has the answer to that particular conundrum.

Helen Graves: Beetroot with Cumin and Feta

This simple but scrumptious dish is perfect as the frosty nights start to build up considerably. Alongside the fact that it is obviously a delight to sample, its best feature is the simple (and short) list of ingredients.

Miss Foodwise: Kentish Cobnut Cake

This quintessentially British blog throws up a very British recipe in the form of the Kentish Cobnut Cake. Again, the premise for this recipe is relatively simple, but this is unlikely to make it any less popular at Christmas time.

T & Cake: Caramel Fudge glazed Zucchini

This quirky recipe is definitely one for all those with a particularly sweet-tooth…or a weird sense of humour. Either way, it falls into the category of ‘must try’ simply because of the curiosity that flows through every genuine food-lover.

Best of this life: Gluten-free Chocolate Valentine’s Cupcakes

This website is great for anyone who needs to avoid gluten in their food but does not wish to deprive themselves of the sweet treats that life has to offer. This particular recipe could also land you some serious brownie points when the most romantic day of the year rolls around in February.

Great British Chefs: Butternut Squash Ravioli

The title indicates the unmistakeably British nature of this site. However, this particular recipe actually takes elements from across the planet in creating a new twist on the undeniably Italian dish. Shortbread

Our love of shortbread drew us to this fantastic site where the simple layout made it easy to know what to do. A great option for a homemade Christmas present, with two months to go until the big day there is plenty of time to practice!

Gourmet Chick: Aubergine & Pomegranate Salad

Gourmet Chick markets herself as a girl who simply loves food and travel. Her aubergine (eggplant) and pomegranate salad continues this theme of relative simplicity, as well as being adaptable to virtually any time of the year.

The London Foodie: Dr G’s fillet of Beef Wellington

The London Foodie offers a range of recipes under titles designated by nationality. However, this delectable beef wellington recipe is unmistakeably British and is probably the standout recipe on a site which offers a notably diverse range of options.

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Top 10 Cooking Apps on the iPhone

As with almost everything else these days, if you’re looking for some inspiration in the kitchen then “there’s an app for that!”

The way we use our smartphones really has impacted every area of our lives and when it comes to preparing food, things are no different.


Here are ten apps that can help to bring out the domestic side of you:

1. Dinner Spinner

This app is perfect for cooks of all levels, from amateur enthusiasts to the fully accomplished amongst you; ‘Dinner Spinner’ comes from the well-known website This app allows you to ‘spin in’ virtual dials to find out what to do with the ingredients you have, the kind of food you like and the available time you have to make it.

2. Epicurious

Over 28,000 professionally tried and tested recipes from world famous magazines, top chefs, leading restaurants and important cookbooks are collated here for you to savour. Coming from the highly rated, the app itself is easy to navigate and has lots of photos.

3. Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals

Every British food fan knows how much enthusiasm Jamie Oliver brings to any project he puts his name to….and this is no exception. More than 50 recipes result in great meals made in only 20 minutes, complete with his own inimitable voiceovers and instructions. ‘British’ favourites such as Chicken Tikka Masala couldn’t be made easier to learn.

4. Weber’s On the Grill

This app features 250 classic grill recipes and 40 recipes for marinades and sauces, as well as lots of tips and pointers on techniques, with easy-to-follow instructional videos. A timer is embedded in the recipes, making things even easier to follow.

5. CookMate

This app is excellent for those looking to make the most of what they’ve got, as opposed to buying in a lot of special ingredients. You let Cookmate know what’s on hand and it will provide a selection of recipes. A simple interface makes for an easy user experience too.

6. BigOven Pro

If you want to be really organised and synchronise your shopping list with your favourite recipes, this is the app for you. A whacking 170,000 recipes can be checked by name, ingredients or style on an app that is specifically designed for Apple products.

7. Whole Foods Market Recipes

Another free app that offers a great user interface that would happily grace many paid-for competitors. Gluten-free, vegetarian and low-sodium requirements are all catered for, along with an emphasis on nutritional facts and stats.

8Simply Organic Recipes

This app features a very good random recipe generator, but with the provision that organic and whole food ingredients are at the centre of things. Vegetarian and healthy recipes with good nutritional values are what you’ll find here.

9. Great British Chefs

If your aspirations are geared towards the top end of the range, this app comes from a collection of top restaurateurs who have been awarded Michelin stars in Britain. 180 recipes from the likes of Marcus Wareing and Tom Aikens are set out in an easy-to-understand and remarkably straightforward manner.

10. Cook’s Illustrated

An iPhone cookery app whose motto is “we make the mistakes so you don’t have to”, this means every recipe has been tried and tested and is presented in a simple and easy to follow way. 50 free recipes are available before the paid-for option becomes necessary.

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