From caveman to Everest man: the eventual creation of triple glazing

Caveman HeaderWaaaaaaay back in the day, before man and woman had become man and woman, there were cavemen and cavewomen.

Caveman and cavewomanCavemen, as a rule, were pretty grumpy. In fact, so grumpy were they that they always felt the need to carry a club, allowing them to “bash things up” whenever their primitive whims deemed it necessary. View all of this post >

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Do I have to relocate? 15 top reasons for moving house

Home Removal Van
Depending on your profession and lifestyle, this is a question that may only present itself a couple of times in your life, or it might pop up every few years. When faced with this choice though, many people feel there is a lack of advice available to help them plan the best way forward.

As leaders of the Home Improvement industry, we feel a certain responsibility to highlight certain implications so that homeowners can make a more informed decision.

So… what is it that usually makes people consider moving home? View all of this post >

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Top 5 home security tips for when you’re on holiday

Happy Traveller
Everybody likes to celebrate Christmas a little differently, but there’s one thing almost all of us have in common.

Whether we are planning to spend our holidays in the sun, vacate to a snow cabin in a winter wonderland or simply visit our family and friends closer to home, our house is going to be empty quite a lot… and there are likely to be an excessive amount of valuable possessions inside.

It is hardly surprising then that ardent thieves will be on the prowl, looking to target homes that make the least amount of precautions when nipping out or going on holiday, so we offer 5 top tips to keep the wolves away from your door: View all of this post >

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