Top five tips for throwing the perfect easter party

With two bank holidays adding to the festive cheer, the Easter weekend provides the perfect excuse for a fun-filled family celebration.

From Easter egg hunts to the best seasonal dishes, this guide takes you through the five things your party needs to be a sparkling success…

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Jeremy Bock

A product design graduate with an eye for style and innovations. A true fan of contemporary and traditional design fusions. My Google+ page Jeremy Bock+
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Everest Customer Review of the Week

Our customers regularly write in telling us how much they love their new windows, conservatories and other Everest products. So, rather than listen to us talking about how great our Everest reviews are, we decided to let our customers speak for themselves…


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How to future-proof your home

With the effects of climate change manifesting themselves in more extreme weather patterns, it’s becoming increasingly important to prepare your home for what lies ahead.

The start of 2014 has been dominated by floods and heavy rainfall, and though the waters are starting to recede, they’re leaving behind a £1 billion repair bill.

Take a look at these top tips on how you can future-proof your home and ensure you are as protected as you can be in the years to come…


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Will Quick

Think of something green..... That's what I blog about! Energy saving, energy efficiency, environmental issues and gardens..... and a bit of digital. My Google+ page Will Quick+
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