Why Everest consultants are not typical double glazing salesmen

Everest Salesman

The world is changing, which means the marketplace and its customers are changing, too. This is a reality that means we at Everest are always having to evolve and it’s the fact we embrace this that has kept us at the forefront of the industry for the last fifty years.

In the digital age, the main change is that everybody has access to unquantifiable amounts of information. This has led customers, quite rightly, to research countless products online before they purchase. Often, they are incredibly clued up about what they want. and so it’s never been more important  to send the right consultants to their door.

Online quotes v personal service

All Everest products are built to fit, so no two jobs are ever the same. This means we are unable to give a general quote for their products. To us, there is no such thing as “…just a window,” or “…just a door.” Ill-fitting products let wind and rain get into gaps and ultimately damage the products themselves.

Everest guarantees are the best in the market. This is why we simply have to view the property and why booking a consultation is so important.

This year, we launched our brand new Training Academy, introducing a new intensive 12-week training process that ensures our professional consultants fit with the Everest brand and are as well-equipped as possible to help each customer make the right choices depending on their needs.

They are friendly individuals who are specialists in their field, they know the area they are working in and are every bit as committed to the customers as they are to Everest.

Here are the top five things that make the Everest sales force stand out:

1. They are friendly

It is very important for Everest, as a brand, to connect with our customers. Each and every person is different and so are the wishes they have for their home. Therefore, we want to get to know you on a personal level to ensure you always feel comfortable.

2. They listen

At Everest, our counsultants are genuinely interested to hear about your needs so they can discuss the options that best suit you.

3. They demonstrate

Everest consultants will always show a true sample of the products they discuss with you. This is a practice we are insistent on as it helps you fully visualise the products before making any decisions.

4. They offer expert advice

Everest consultants do not shy away from questions. In fact, they actively encourage them because they want you to fully understand what is being suggested. They don’t believe in using jargon heavy terms and so they aim to present what viable choices you have as clearly as possible, and with Everest, you will be provided with a wealth of options.

5. You can trust them

Everest expert consultants will outline exactly what happens next, discussing requirements of the installation team, timeline expectations and payment plan options, ensuring you fully understand the choices you have made. Once the design has been fully checked by an Everest surveyor, your quotation price will be confirmed and there will be no nasty surprises when receiving your final bill. Each Everest consultant is backed by a team of fully employed mangers, local surveyors and an extensive technical team.

At Everest, we make hundreds of appointments each and every day and we have been a household name for nearly 50 years. We have a UK based call centre and provide local consultants to help people feel at ease. Quite rightly, we are proud  and protective of the reputation we have made for ourselves over the years.

We believe that booking an appointment is only the start of the journey and our aim is to create an experience that gets customers using us time and time again… something we realise won’t happen unless we remain true to our every word.

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Reaching out to Ronnie

Ronnie Gardening

Over the past month, Everest have given away hundreds of pounds worth of John Lewis vouchers whilst Ronnie also selected participants to win a host of cool prizes through #RonniesRewards.

On both counts, Ronnie has been astounded by how many people have got in touch and has spent hours reading through every response. He is over the moon to see that so many others enjoy Everest as much as he does and whenever somebody takes the time to say something nice, he dances a little jig to celebrate.
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UK home security facts: 50% of people forget to lock their windows

Security Blog Header

As security is such a big part of what Everest stands for, we took it upon ourselves to do a little research in the build-up to Home Security Week. Our findings helped us weigh up the most frequent break-in statistics with the most common homeowner habits so we could offer advice on how to further protect your home.

On the 6th October, our Product Manager, Jill McLintock attended a radio interview to discuss home security, and as we are now approaching the time when people are statistically most likely to suffer from break-ins, we feel the need to re-iterate the importance of being vigilant.

Within our Everest Home Security Facts Infographic, we spoke to more than 1,000 men and women from all over the UK, and this is what we found: View all of this post >

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