Now that’s what I call house cleaning music: Volume 1

House Cleaning

Beautiful homes aren’t made overnight. It takes time, hard work and dedication to keep your house clean and tidy and it takes a real creative streak to add the kind of twist that makes each room stand out.

A home is made up of countless materials. Windows, doors, worktops, walls, floors sinks, baths, gardens and driveways all need to be tended to in their own unique way and by the time everything is clean, the chances are, you’re going to have to start over again.

It’s kind of exhausting just thinking about it!

At Everest, we champion your dedication to home improvement and as a way to support your tireless efforts we have compiled the ultimate album to keep you motivated during cleaning.

Happy listening!

Golden Record

Everest Home Hits

Song Title                                                     Artist

Disc 1

Steamy windows                                          Tina Turner
Red house                                                    Jimi Hendrix
Look through any window                          The Hollies
To build a home                                           The Cinematic Orchestra
Happy house                                                Siouxsie and the Banshees
Green door                                                   Shakin’ Stevens
Up on the roof                                              The Drifters
Home                                                             Michael Buble
Lego house                                                  Ed Sheeran
When the going gets tough                       Billy Ocean
Looking through the windows                   Jackson 5

Disc 2

Home                                                             Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Brick house                                                  The Commodores
Homeward bound                                        Simon & Garfunkel
When I’m cleaning windows                       George Formby
Sweet home Alabama                                  Lynard Skynyrd
This ole house                                             Shakin’ Stevens
Home                                                             Sheryl Crow
Only you (looking from a window
Alison Moyet
Our house                                                     Madness
Keep passing the open Windows              Queen
House of the rising sun                               Animals

Can you think of any songs we’ve left off the list? If so, we can always compile a future album, so let us know your suggestions either in the comments section or via our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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The most impressive glass structures from around the world

Strong, beautiful and versatile – it’s no wonder glass is so popular with everyone, from renowned architects to homeowners looking to brighten up their houses with light and airy glass extensions.

To see what we mean and inspire your own plans, check out our pick of the most iconic glass structures from around the world.

1. The Louvre Pyramid, Paris

This 70ft glass pyramid sits in the courtyard of the Louvre Palace, home to the world famous museum. The structure was commissioned by François Mitterrand in 1984 and designed by architect I.M. Pei to act as an eye-catching entrance hall. Although many felt that the futuristic style clashed with the historic buildings surrounding it, the pyramid is now seen as a successful example of how to integrate new designs with existing classical architecture.

The Louvre

2. The Ledge, Willis Tower, Chicago

1,353ft above Chicago, the Ledge’s glass balcony box projects from the side of the Willis Tower. Formerly known as Sears Tower, this was the tallest building in the world when it was completed in 1973. The Ledge is on the 103rd floor and extends four feet outside the building to give visitors the ultimate view over the city. That is, if they’re brave enough!

The Ledge

3. Torre Agbar, Barcelona

The glass façade of Barcelona’s Torre Agbar is one of the most striking features of the city’s skyline. It was constructed in 2005 and became the headquarters for the Agbar Group, who enjoy stunning views offered by the buildings 4,500 windows. French architect Jean Nouvel took inspiration for its bullet-shaped design from the nearby mountain of Montserrat, as well as the work of Antoni Gaudí. Its unique lighting system allows the panes of glass to be illuminated at night, creating dazzling displays with bright changing colours.

Torre Agbar

4. The Shard, London

Standing at 1,016ft, London’s Shard is currently the tallest building in Europe. It’s located near London Bridge, close to the River Thames, and was completed in July 2012. Architect Renzo Piano wanted to create an intelligent and elegant building with venetian blinds built into the triple glass walls, which are made from ‘extra white glass’ to create that sharp crystal effect that shimmers in different lights.

The Shard

5. National Centre for Performing Arts, Beijing

Surrounded by an artificial lake which reflects the elliptical glass and titanium structure, China’s National Centre for Performing Arts was inaugurated in 2007. This clever optical illusion makes the building look oval from a distance, earning it the nickname ‘The Bird’s Egg.’ Just to prove our point about the beauty of this material, it was reported that glass was selected because the designers felt it blended in with the ancient surroundings of the city.

Beijing National Centre for Performing Arts

Have you visited any of these structures? Did they inspire you to get creative within your home? Do you feel you have any advice for other lovers of home improvement? Send your pictures and messages to our Facebook and/or Twitter account. We’d love to hear from you! 

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The top 5 window-related films of all time

Windows serve a very practical purpose, but they have also proven to be inspirational for some great storytellers whose tales just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Here is a round-up of the top five movies that, in our opinion, have windows at their heart.

1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

One of the hottest box office treats of 2014 is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, directed by Matt Reeves. In 2011 Rupert Wyatt directed Rise of the Planet of the Apes, in which apes are subjected to genetic experiments that lead to them developing superior intelligence and launching a revolution against mankind. In this ground-breaking film, which used computer generated images instead of actors in costumes for the first time in the franchise’s history, an ape is kept in a room where a patterned window becomes very significant to him. He will remember it forever.

Planet of the Apes

Rear Window

The classic movie Rear Window, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and released in 1954, is a must-see American thriller with a cast that boasts iconic stars James Stewart and Grace Kelly. Considered by many critics to be among Hitchcock’s finest works, the plot tells the story of a man recuperating from an accident at home and watching the lives of those around him from his apartment’s rear window, including mysterious events that lead him to suspect a murder has taken place right across the street.

Rear Window

Secret Window

The 2004 psychological thriller Secret Window, starring Johnny Depp and directed by David Koepp, is based on a Stephen King horror novella about a writer who is accused of plagiarism by a man who proceeds to stalk him. The short story he is accused of stealing is called ‘Secret Window,’ and the events that unfold are based around a marriage breakdown, murder and suspense.

Secret Window

The Mist

Written and directed by Frank Darabont, The Mist – released in 2007 and also based on a Stephen King novella – takes place in a supermarket in which the townsfolk are trapped. Winged beasts and an otherworldly mist keeps them at bay and the only access they have to the peculiar events around them are through the big sturdy windows of the store.

The Mist

Peter Pan

The timeless classic children’s story Peter Pan, penned by J.M. Barrie, is based on the moral dilemma of parents leaving children at home to have an evening out. If they had only closed the window before leaving there would be no story to tell, but the enchanting tale is full of wonder and magic about a boy who never grows up, so perhaps it’s a good thing that they didn’t! Disney’s version was released in 1953 and endures to this very day.

Peter Pan

Can you think of any more films in which windows are heavily incorporated? If so, let us know via our Facebook and/or Twitter pages.

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