Everest Customer Review of the Week


Our customers regularly write in telling us how much they love their new windows, conservatories and other Everest products. So, rather than listen to us talking about how great our Everest reviews are, we decided to let our customers speak for themselves…

Our favourite Review of the Week
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How efficient are your appliances?

If you’re thinking about upgrading a household appliance, you may be concerned by news suggesting that one-in-five appliances don’t achieve an energy performance in line with their advertised rating.

The National Measurement Office findings echoed European Commission research, prompting the Energy Saving Trust to commit to a three year EC co-funded monitoring project.


The decision to spend more on energy-efficient appliances usually factors in an assumption that the appliance will pay for itself in reduced energy bills. And while there’s no doubt replacing a worn-out, dated washing machine or freezer with a new, A-rated model will help cut both your carbon footprint and your outgoings, the Trust is keen to ensure consumers are given accurate information to help them make the right decision.

To help you along the way, take a look at our brief guide to ensuring your appliances are energy efficient… View all of this post >

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Will Quick

Think of something green..... That's what I blog about! Energy saving, energy efficiency, environmental issues and gardens..... and a bit of digital. My Google+ page Will Quick+
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Keep your patio in top condition with these simple tips

Summer is just around the corner, with promises of sizzling barbecues and lazy afternoons spent soaking up the sun on your patio.

Everest products are designed to look better for longer – and you only have to look at the Everest reviews page to see they do just that – but, after such a long winter, even the best can be in need of a spring clean.

Take a look at our top tips to get your patios spruced up and ready for the season…

 A stunning Everest Patio

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Jeremy Bock

A product design graduate with an eye for style and innovations. A true fan of contemporary and traditional design fusions. My Google+ page Jeremy Bock+
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