Remember, remember, lock up your windows and doors in November!

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As we step into November, the nights get darker and the temperatures colder. People turn their attentions to Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and even Christmas… but there is a far more pressing matter at hand. View all of this post >

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10 tips for throwing the perfect Halloween Party!


It’s that time of year again when “trick or treaters” come a knocking and adults allow their children to indulge in copious amounts of sugar.

Although Halloween seems to come with a little more enthusiasm every year, Everest still feels that people in the UK have some way to go before we can say we have fully embraced the event, and so here’s a list of tips to help you throw a memorable get-together:

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Why Everest consultants are not typical double glazing salesmen

Everest Salesman

The world is changing, which means the marketplace and its customers are changing, too. This is a reality that means we at Everest are always having to evolve and it’s the fact we embrace this that has kept us at the forefront of the industry for the last fifty years.

In the digital age, the main change is that everybody has access to unquantifiable amounts of information. This has led customers, quite rightly, to research countless products online before they purchase. Often, they are incredibly clued up about what they want. and so it’s never been more important  to send the right consultants to their door.

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